It all starts with firm foundations

Increasingly, rather than incur the stress and cost of moving, many home owners are looking to create additional and often stunning additional living spaces, by expanding into the garden, creating either a home office or ‘workshop’ through to providing a completely independent space in which parents or children can live. However, no matter what the design, ‘rock-solid’ foundations are vital for any structure, which is where ground screw based systems are increasingly proving, the solution of choice over traditional concrete foundations.

Whilst planning permission may be required for some designs, many ‘temporary’ structures like garden sheds or garden rooms through to log cabins or designs based on modern eco‑friendly materials and based on certain parameters typically don’t.  As with any construction project ensuring that the area on which the structure will sit is both stable and level is a primary requirement. Screw based systems not only do this, but can be extracted, if required, should a building or structure needs to be removed or re-located, and then reinstalled in a new location with ease.

Unlike traditional excavated concrete foundations, screw foundation systems can be installed throughout the year and are perfect for the conservation minded. An installation typically comprises a matrix of rugged, galvanised tapered steel screws of various lengths and diameters. These are driven into the ground to form a solid and level platform onto which a structural timber framework is then typically located. This in turn can support a variety of structures or buildings. The depth and size of the screws will vary depending on the load requirements for the project along with the soil consistency and ground conditions. What is required to create and adequately support decking for example, will be quite different to that needed for a substantial single or potentially two storey structures.